1. Install GOLANG:

Install custom version of Golang #GO. Or you can install GO from official website.

Specify version and GO path in this line ./ -v GO_VERSION -p GO_PATH Example ./ -v 1.19.4 -p /root/go

You can use all the variables or not use them at all and then the GO_VERSION and GO_PATH will be used by default as (-v 1.19.4 -p /usr/local/go)

chmod +x && ./ -v 1.22.0
rm -rf

Now apply the changes with the command below or reboot your terminal.

. /etc/profile && . $HOME/.bashrc

2. Run Node setup:

The run command should look like this:

chmod +x
./ -g yetanotherco -f aligned_layer_tendermint -b alignedlayerd -c .alignedlayer -v v0.0.3
rm -rf && . $HOME/.profile

3. Data for start the chain.

  • Binary link:
  • Chain-id:

  • Genesis file:
  • Peers:

  • Seed:


  • minimum-gas-prices:


4. Service commands.

  • Restart service

sudo systemctl restart alignedlayerd.service
  • Service logs

sudo journalctl -u alignedlayerd.service -f
  • Stop service

sudo systemctl stop alignedlayerd.service
  • Reload configuration change

systemctl daemon-reload

5. SnapShot

Stop the service:

Replace the service to your service name.

sudo systemctl stop alignedlayerd.service

Backup priv_validator_state.json and remove old data:

To prevent double-signing a block and tombstone your validator:

  • Backup priv_validator_state.json:

cp $HOME/.alignedlayer/data/priv_validator_state.json $HOME/priv_validator_state.json
  • Delete the data:

alignedlayerd tendermint unsafe-reset-all --home $HOME/.alignedlayer


wget $(curl -s | jq -r .snap_link)
tar -xf $(curl -s | jq -r .snap_filename) -C $HOME/.alignedlayer/data/


wget -O $HOME/.alignedlayer/config/addrbook.json $(curl -s | jq -r .addrbook_link)

Return your priv_validator_state.json

mv $HOME/priv_validator_state.json $HOME/.alignedlayer/data/priv_validator_state.json

Start the service and check logs:

sudo systemctl start alignedlayerd.service
sudo journalctl -u alignedlayerd.service -f --line 100

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